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On the 30TH of March, 2013, the Believers on Fire International Ministries (B.O.F) embarked on a journey of love to donate some items to the patients at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital. This was done, according to Deacon Joseph Laryea a leader of the Ministry, to show love to the needy as Christ showed us so much love by dying to pay for our sins during. He also said this journey was taken to elevate men and women to their God given potentials.

Leading the church to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital was the General Overseer of the Ministry, Her Grace, Reverend Lorraine Rejoice Laryea.

Some items donated include bags of rice, bags of gari, bags of sugar, detergents, t-rolls, oil and soaps.

The Church was taken to the various wards, which include the following;

Female Geriatric Ward: This ward has a total number of eleven (11) patients who are all old women. This ward consists of old women who are mentally challenged due to age and those that have been branded as witches by the society.

Members of the church at the female geriatric ward

Female Acute Ward: This ward has a total of nine patients and consists of patients with mild mental sickness. This ward has been adopted by HOPSA that is Holy Child High School and whatever be their need the school provides it.

Female Ward 2: This ward consists of middle aged women who are sometimes aggressive in their behaviors. In this ward the church was blessed by one of the patients with a heartfelt song appreciating God.

Male Geriatric Ward: This ward consists of eleven (11) patients who are all old men. Five of the patients were brought in by family members whilst the other six were picked from the streets.

Infirmary-1: This ward consists of physically ill psychiatric patients. Patients sick of malaria and other sicknesses are treated here and returned to their wards. The ward had six patients as of the time of the church’s visit.

OPD (Alkot Foundation)

Female Ward 1: This ward is the largest and handles all conditions of patients, whether aggressive or voluntary cases. It consists of thirty-seven patients.

Special Ward: This ward consists of only young and middle aged men, who are vagrant, voluntary and substance induced. It is also called the criminal ward because it used to contain accused men who claim to have done the crime because of psychological problems.

The church was allowed to fellowship with the patients at the various wards.

The nurse in charge Mrs. Beatrice Nyarko, received the donations on behalf of the patients and thanked the church for taking such initiative to fellowship and give to the patients.

Story Written by,

Mercy Laryea.

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